Fast & Efficient Repairs

Survey results show that leakages generally follow the 80/20 rule with respect to volume and required time of repair. By having a well documented leakage detection project, you are able to repair in a far more efficient and profitable way.

The LeekSeek software and its documentation methods will give you your biggest savings with the minimum time and investment.

The software provides you with information such as;


  • Leakage locations
  • Repair accessibility
  • Required repair times
  • Required materials


You will have all the necessary data on hand to enable fast & efficient repairs!

LeekSeek technician repairing leakages


In order to reduce your leakages to a permanently low level, you need the answers to a range of questions, for example:


  • Why do we have leakages?
  • Why do some areas (departments) have higher     leakage levels than others?
  • Which components / brands are vulnerable to       leakages?
  • Which production consumers can be optimized?
  • Etc...


LeekSeek will provide answers to all these questions, so you can easily make quick and efficient changes to your systems. This will have an immediate and long term effect on your leakage levels.