For many companies around the world, LeekSeek is the first port of call for Leakage detections and energy saving solutions. The secret of our success is our uncompromised focus on the reduction of compressed air and gas leakages.


LeekSeek solutions are unique combining maximum energy savings with maximum production potential. Only with safe and uninterrupted production can our customers achieve their business demands. LeekSeek's excellent long term strategy is the direct result of the exceptional quality of LeekSeek products and services.


The LeekSeek Group, with its headquarters in The Netherlands and its 8 daughter companies, already provides the LeekSeek Leakage Management Program to many clients worldwide.

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Our corporate principles

High-quality and intelligent services are essential to our market success. LeekSeek uses these features in order to always meet our clients' requirements to the highest standards.


Through our Leakage Management Services, we at LeekSeek are committed to ensure that environmental protection is achieved through the energy savings we achieve. Our services are prerequisites for the careful use of resources and energy!


Only with secure, uninterrupted production, can our customers meet their business expectations and demands. With our Leakage Management Program we support our customer to achieve their financial and environmental targets.