Step 1

1.  Please select your preferred language

     and denomination.


2.  Fill in your consumption per minute.

     If not known, use the below option

     “Total installed compressor(s)

     capacity (hp)”.


3.  Fill out you cost per 1000 cf.


4.  Select you current estimated leakage



5.  Press “Calculate savings”

Language and denomination

Consumption per Minute (CF)


Total installed compressor(s)
capacity (Hp)

* When Hp option is used, the calculation assumes 70% utilisation of total installed capacity.

Cost per 1000 cf

* default cost value US standard
$ 0.54/1000 cf

Leakage level (%)

Calculate savings
Your savings

Step 2

Time is the most crucial factor within

Leakage Management Program!

Based on your data, this is your annual

estimated saving potentials.

The graph on the right side illustrates

how potential savings converts into

leakage costs. The sooner you start,

the more money your save!


Please contact LeekSeek for a complete

calculation, including estimated 
investments and payback time.

Your Saving Potential:

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