The world's most intelligent Online Leak Management Software

The LeekSeek Online Leak Management Software will significantly save you more money, faster! 


The software reports all necessary data such as;

all financial data, CO2 Emission status,   

required repairs, progress of repair,

required parts etc....


The key to success of the Leak Management Program lies within the continuity of activity, controlled repair and speed.

The LeekSeek Online Leak Management Software gives you an "All-In-One solution"!

Online Leakage Management Software

Multilingual Software


The LeekSeek Online Leak Management Software is available in the following languages:


flag English UK flag English US flag German
 French  Dutch  Spanish
 Italian  Swedish  Turkish
 Polish  Slovenian  


You can therefore easily select any of these languages to read your results, use the tools
and functionalities for both repairs and analysis.